Shipping technology Calculating costs and times for freight 2021 - present

Cyber security Modeling network threats 2019 - present

Surveying systems High-precision GPS equipment 2017 - 2019

Travel agency Business-to-business booking software 2012 - 2017


Calibrate Virtual reality dance troupe

Arcade VRC Virtual reality gathering place

BlueTooth Class Helps build class codes for hcitool

Pomodoro Work interval manager utilizing timed periods of effort and rest


Ansible Server infrastructure as code

Blender 3D modeling software

Git Version control system

Go Wonderful and clean programming language

Java Most comfortable programming language

Linux Mint, Debian, CentOS

Make Build automation tool

MySQL Most commonly used database system

Nginx Web server of choice

SonarQube Code quality inspector

SQLite Favorite database "engine"

Unity Game engine